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These talented students have been practicing for more than a decade with us. They are acquired the knowledge that helps them understand the world of music born in the 17th century to be interpreted in the day and age.


Some of our students have achieved national recognition and have received accolades.


Unless you make an appointment with us, both of us would not know the potential of your child, we are here to discover those hidden talents. It’s worth your investments in your child. Rewards are there!


Our concerts are conducted for these 80+ students at a Cultural Center close to our facilities, it is broken down into a morning and and afternoon session. Watch for those dates, invitation is FREE.

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Concert dates: May 6 and May 13th 2018
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School Environment

Located in a bucolic setting with all the essential security.
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Concert videos are now available.

Featured Instructer

Tarana Karimova - Teacher/Director Minji Kown - Senior Teacher Nicholas Noor - Digital Music & Audio Production

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Request for information: info@talentworld.us Phone: (732) 912-9296